Honesty on MySpace

My boyfriend just found out that I was talking to my ex on MySpace. He didn’t say nothing to me but left my ex a bad comment . . . should I tell him that I know?


Dear UnSure:

Honesty is an important factor in relationships, but then it’s also important to pick and choose your battles. I don’t think that you need to talk about the particular situation unless your boyfriend said something really bad to your ex or he brings it up, why start an unnecessary argument with your bf? But I do think that you need to be open and honest with your boyfriend about the friendships and relationships that you have with others. Let him know who you talk to and who plays an important role in your life.

If he is uncomfortable with you talking to your ex, then you need to respect that because you’re with him now. If you feel that you need to remain in contact with your ex, then you need to ask yourself, why? If this ex has been more than a “boyfriend” to you, then explain this to your current bf and figure out a situation that is comfortable for the both of you, if not “bye bye ex.”


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