The Internet can’t be Trusted.

The internet has been a huge asset to mankind but it has also put a lot of stress on people’s lives and relationships. The internet has served as an educator and a way for us to communicate with people around the globe, but it’s provided us with a reason to stay up late at night, meet new people and create new secrets.

On the internet we can transform ourselves, make new friends, form relationships, or gain a lover. It’s become an enabler for cheating as well as redefined it. Before cheating was sleeping with someone and defined as a more physical betrayal, but now betrayal is provocative emails, enticing pictures, and a winking smiley face. It’s easy to cheat now; all you need to do is send someone a message saying, Hi and it all unravels from there. The constant emails begin. There’s the innocent chitchat, then there’s the getting to know each other, then there are the compliments, followed by a phone call, and finally the meeting which is so charged with anticipation and intrigue and passion that something that you never planned, happens.

The thing is that people get so bold on the internet. Things that they would never say to someone in person are typed out in messages on MySpace, cute little glimmer comments express feelings that you would never reveal, in person, are available, you get caught up, caught up in expressing yourself in a way that you could never do in reality.

Now, I don’t want to paint the internet as this evil thing that lures people into a pot of sin because mankind does have freewill; I’m just saying that it has made it easier for people to cheat and it has made it okay to meet people online and make friends; and committed people’s intention in meeting people in the internet are the same if they were meeting people in the real world, it’s not friendship, it’s something more. We usually meet people because there is some sort of attraction and that’s also the case on the internet, but it is easier to control yourself when you’re face to face to someone versus email to email. There are no boundaries on the internet and it’s harder to get caught or embarrassed. Whereas in real life, someone could be watching, something might pop up that reminds you of your partner, and let’s face it its more nerve-racking to deal with a lover when there are so many eyes watching.

There’s also the fact that people are encouraged to explore their innermost desires through the internet because it’s in cyberspace and therefore they don’t feel as guilty about it and it’s easier to hide. Although, it’s easier to hide, it’s not that hard to get caught. People trust the internet too much. They think that they truly have privacy on the World Wide Web, but it’s called the World Wide Web for a reason. It’s available to anyone and any information that is posted on there can be readily available to anyone by doing a simple search to heavy duty investigating or hacking. Basically, the unfaithful will eventually get caught.

So people, if you’re single go right ahead and network, if you’re not focus on the internet’s educational aspect and steer clear of sending random emails, saying Hi!


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