Internet Nudity Snags Your Man

Modesty is out the window and nudity is in style. I can’t help but ask myself, why is everyone taking their clothes off? You walk through the street and see everyone with their clothes on and walking with their kids and then, BAM, they’re naked on the internet.

Now, I’m not saying that exhibitionism is bad because in the end it’s the individual’s body and they do what they want, but sometimes one person’s free for all is another person’s demise. With the new found confidence to bear it all, new flirting tactics have been developed that include internet access and a cute cell phone with camera capability. Before, a peck on cheek and a little smile could get you far, but all that has been left behind for bolder, more explicit tactics. These ways can be defined as progressive or as women asserting their sexuality, but the interesting thing is that women aren’t using these innovative strategies to snag a man or keep their own, but they’re applying them to catching someone else’s.

Picture phones with internet capabilities, can be lethal to a relationship. Baby mama’s are using them to send provocative pictures to their committed ex and 13 year old are using them to catch the attention of 20-something year old men. It’s sad that something as useful as the internet can easily enable this salacious behavior, which can have really life-shattering and embarrassing consequences.

These situations are impossible to control because regardless of the internet, people have free will and they will find whatever means to carry out their purpose, but we can’t deny that the internet makes nudity and snagging someone else’s man a lot easier. The solution? I say ladies, do what you have to do, if she’s bold enough to send the pictures, she’s strong enough to deal with the consequences, and keep an eye on your man.


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