The New Frontier of Mating

The internet has brought a new frontier on the dating game. Gone are the days of wondering if your soul mate is on the other side of the world, now you can find him through MySpace, Facebook, and the thousands of other social networks.

In a time where we spend more time on our PDA’s and computers, internet dating is the natural transition and it doesn’t seem so taboo anymore. Ten years ago, only freaks, sex addicts, and the desperate found love online, but now it’s okay to find your other half on the internet and admit it. No more awkward lies about where you met your boyfriend or husband, you can just come out and say it loud and proud, “I found love online!”

The internet is a flourishing network full of interesting people that don’t compare to the duds we come across in everyday life. It’s okay to take a look at the profile of the cute guy with the multi-million dollar shipping company and the house on the French Riviera! Actually, it’s a blessing to be able to connect to such interesting people that we wouldn’t encounter on a regular basis. The internet opens the door to find love in the most unexpected places, but of course, as in life, we have to venture out and take a chance. So, next time you see a profile that peaks your interest, just “click!”


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