Click, I like you.


I have been email “flirting” with a co-worker of mine for a few weeks now. I am really unsure as to whether or not this constitutes actual flirting and also what the best next steps are to take this out of the internet and bring it into the real world. We have had a few interactions both inside and outside the office but I’m not really sure what I should do now.

Please help!


Dear Confused,

In this day and age, email flirting is the same as flirting, in its traditional term, but your situation is a little different because you and your co-worker already know each other, so why not knock-out this email flirting and flirt with your co-worker in person? Considering you’ve had some interaction, why hasn’t the flirting been going on in person?

Obviously, you’re going to have to come at your co-worker stronger and let him know that you’re interested. Make a joke about your email flirting and suggest you go out for something casual, like lunch, or if its not a comfortable co-worker situation i.e. he’s your boss, get drinks after-hours. So, close that message box and open the door to a cute coffee shop!


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