Pay Me, I love you

Does money matter when it comes to love? I think that we like to believe that love conquers all, but when today’s survival and pleasure are so dependent on finance, how do you make it work when there’s no dough?

I think it all depends on your personal ambitions and personality. But even if one doesn’t aspire to be much, can you be with someone that can’t feed you, clothed you or put a roof over your head? I think that it’s definitely possible; love defies all the odds. When you really care about someone all those things don’t matter because love means happiness, being with that person is usually enough to erase all the superficial pleasures. Of course, I think romantic dinners enhance a relationship and shows appreciation but it’s not everything. I think we’re conditioned to believe that the tangible things are what express love, but love is sacrifice and respect.

I can’t blame the people of today for thinking that love needs to be expressed through teddy bears and diamonds because that’s what we’ve been fed, and I’ve even bought into it, but a walk in the park is just as romantic, a simple smile, and a genuine I love you are enough. Sometimes we aim so high at giving that we end up not giving anything when a 99¢ balloon is more than generous. So, I say love don’t cost a thing!


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