Entice, Don’t Fight

Do you think that by constantly telling your boyfriend about the excessive time he spends on the internet is going to make him stop doing it? Well, think again. Although it’s good to be open and honest, with guys you can only take it so far. They just have a short attention span and aren’t very patient. So, I call on you to use your feminine wile. Men never listen to what we say and actions do speak louder than words.

We might not notice it, but we women always have to talk about everything! And don’t get me wrong, talking is great, but everything doesn’t merit a talk just because it bugs you, sometimes you have to use ingenuity. There’s a reason why Eve convinced Adam to eat the apple and why King Henry VIII divorced his Queen for Anne Boleyn, and that reason is women’s power to seduce and conquer. Seduction doesn’t necessarily have to be sexual, but just find ways instead of words to have your partner do your bidding.

Example: You walk in and your man barely notices you when you walk in because he’s glued to the computer, instead of saying, “You see! You never pay attention to me,” try saying, “Hey Babe, I brought you some of your favorite cookies. Come to the couch so that we can have some cookies and milk.” Then top it off with a kiss and an enticing sample of a neck massage.

Guys respond better when you’re not nagging; for some reason, talking gives men a headache. So use your charm to get your way, it’ll avoid an argument and you’ll both be happy.


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