Online Drama, Oh my!



What compels people to post all their business on the internet? When I see headlines, like the ones above, I wonder, is that really necessary? I mean clearly people are trying to send a message to someone and want to embarrass them, but in the end, I think they look pretty dumb. I’m not against putting your mood or what you’re doing, but to put your business out there in a mocking, bird head way, only makes the postee look bad. I guess the one good thing about it is that it’s definitely entertaining, but why? For the love of God, why?!

These statements only cause more drama and make the postee look immature. I say, if you have a problem handle it head on and in a personal way. By making these comments online it shows that the person that you’re attacking is important to you and that you take the time to customize your personal space for them. Why give that person that time and dedication?

Now, I’m not going to deny that I haven’t thought about posting things and seeking vengeance through the internet, but then I think, how pathetic is it to sit there and take the time to create these posts and whatever else to get at that person? It just shows that they are important and have made a big enough impact in your life to take time to focus on them. Don’t waste your energy, what goes around, comes around. I’m not saying that you have to sit around and let people talk about you and do bad things to you, but a simple email or one phone call is enough to let them know wassup. Once you made your point, move on, they’ll get madder when you ignore them.

People flourish on drama and attention, but when you ignore them, they’ll feel belittled and will be sitting around pissed off that they couldn’t get to you. Let them think what they want; the time will come when they have to deal with whatever bad things that they’ve done.



One thought on “Online Drama, Oh my!

  1. I deleted a family friend from my myspace because every other word in her bulletins was something horrifically dumb about how she’d “eff” some chick up

    Oh, and the internet speak that she was using? Bugged me the hell out.

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