Bitter-Sweet Internet Revenge

Revenge is an intriguing topic. Is it worth it? Should you do it? I say, maybe. It’s definitely bitter-sweet. You get satisfaction but then there are the repercussions. I’ve heard so many stories about internet revenge, and it’s so amusing and I wish I could actually do it, but then I laugh, I’m too afraid of karma.

But I toy with the idea in my mind, what’s so bad about getting even? If someone does something wrong to you, why do you have to stay put and feel like you’re being taken advantage of? Does divine retribution exist? I know I said a couple of days ago, what goes around comes around, but does it? I think about all the bad things that people have done to me, and I really don’t remember getting my payback, but maybe they have, just not the payback that I want! But in my ideal world, I think that we all pay our dues. But while, I can’t necessarily be vengeful, I have enjoyed some pretty entertaining stories.

There is the little incident where a girl played by her bf decided to get revenge not on the boyfriend but the chick. She used our favorite instrument, the internet, and posted a picture and the girl’s cell number on a sex website, saying that the girl did the dirty for $2.

Then, there was the time when a young lady found someone’s hidden treasures on her baby daddy’s cell phone! She managed to send the picture to her email, print the picture, and confront the exhibitionist and the exhibitionist’s mother! Let’s just say that the picture ended up in the mother’s face and the perpetrator getting publicly beat!

While, I stifle a giggle and shake my head at these stories, I’m torn between admiration and horror. How can you do that? Does that really solve the problem or does that just give temporary satisfaction? That really depends on the situation. In situation one, the player never got rid of the side chick, but got rid of the girlfriend and in the second situation, let’s just say she gets away with everything!

People’s personal choices, do make for some intriguing stories. I say revenge is kind sorta a little bit okay, as long as there’s no extensive physical or emotional harm, just a little slap on the hand to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Revenge might not be for me but for those that decide to press on, just take it easy!


One thought on “Bitter-Sweet Internet Revenge

  1. First of all, getting revenge on someone makes you no better than the other person.

    What do you get- instant gratification? Then what? Life goes on.

    Things that are done to us, are learning experiences. You have choices. You can learn from them, let go, move on or stick around to have it repeated again and again.

    It is an important thing to know that on many occasions we are an active participant in what happens to us.

    For example, the girl who took revenge on her boyfriend’s friend. What is it about her that he feels free to cheat on her and have her find out? Has he done it before and she forgave him?
    Also, why punish the other girl and not him?

    His behavior was a blessing in disguised. It is time to walk away and discover other unclaimed territories.

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