Confused Commenter

Dear Internet Drama:

Here is my quandry — can you help?

In surfing around checking out blogs on the Internet a few weeks ago, I found a brand new one on the very first post that I just love. It’s witty and clever, and I feel like the author is writing just for me. I’m the only one who has commented on the site so far, and there is quite a cute little conversation happening between us.

So my question is: should I be a good person, and feed this blogger’s ego and tell everyone I know how great it is and link to it on my blog? Or should I just be selfish and keep this ‘private conversation’ going and let this individual think I am the only one who appreciates him/her?

And no, I’m not giving you a link until I hear your advice on the matter….


A Confused Commenter

Dear Confused Commenter,

Sharing is most definitely caring. I think it would be an even bigger ego booster to link the blog to yours and get this blogger’s numbers up. You can continue your special conversations without fear of being threatened by others because you’ll always be the first loyal customer and those never get forgotten.

So, I say, say it loud and proud I’m in love with a new blog!

But, what I want to know is what’s up with these cute, little conversations? Is there more than just blogger admiration? If, so, I say that showing your support for the blog will definitely be a plus. Who says you can’t have the private conversations and the public admiration? Enjoy both!


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