What’s Wrong with Women?

When did females lose complete respect for themselves? I don’t know if the internet has just exposed something that has always been going on or if there’s something in the water, but many women have lost their integrity and restraint with their bodies. I ran across an article on Teens Sending X-rated Pics to guys in their attempts to conquer and it just proved something that I’ve been thinking for months, girls are out of control. I see all these girls on the internet shaking their butts and posing in compromising positions and I just get disturbed and scared. Disturbed because what is happening to us? Why are we so aggressive that it’s coming off as desperate? Scared because what if they come after my man? As much as I want to blame it on the media, it has to be something else and I just think that women are starting to make a conscious decision to disregard rules of conduct. It has to be an intentional act because I’m sure someone is telling them that it’s not cool. But in the end to each her own, who am I to judge what someone can and can not do with their body? But I do think it’s my right to judge when females are using their sexual freedom to steal someone’s man.

Now, I’m not saying that men aren’t responsible for their actions, but, come on, how can a man escape women constantly sending them naked pictures to their phones, emails, and social networking accounts? Women, now, are constantly trying to make other women suffer in order to fulfill their wanton ways, is the world really running out of men? Maybe that’s the answer, females are getting so desperate and scared of being alone that they are taking any measures necessary to secure a man and as time passes females are losing their moral sensibility, but my question is, how do we fight it? Because trust me, these women have no limits, they don’t care if you confront them, slap them, curse them, or whatever, they will continue until they break up your relationship and it becomes theirs.

This lack of respect really bothers me because regardless if you trust your man, it’s still painful if anything annoying to have your man bombarded by these nasty chicks. I just have to say, watch your back because more than likely someone is trying to steal your man and girls, a guy will like you more if you don’t look like you stepped out PENTHOUSE Magazine.


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