Comments on Virtual Dating

It took me awhile to warm up to internet dating because I’m a pretty traditional girl, but I don’t think that I’ll ever warm up to this virtual dating. I think that if you can’t put the effort into dating then you might as well not date at all. I see virtual dating as a lazy man’s or woman’s way to dating because you don’t have to try to look nice, you don’t have to try to put together interesting conversations, and you get to think and delete what you say instead of just talking and being natural.

I say that if you can’t get off your booty and date then the relationship is messed up from the beginning because if you can’t try in the first stages how are you going to make an effort when it actually gets hard? Virtual dating takes the responsibility out of forming a relationship and reinforces the belief that it’s okay to squeeze in love into our lives instead of making it a priority.

The comment in this video are so corny, people saying that they work so hard now and it’s great that they can date through a virtual world without leaving home. I mean how horrible is that? What is happening to our society? It seems that progress is making us regress in other ways. Virtual dating is such a huge step back in dating in a day and age where we can barely get our partners to listen to us let alone show us a romantic gesture and then here comes virtual dating where a dinner on a computer screen is enough. Well, it’s not enough. Forget virtual dating, get up, go to a bar, sign up for or at least MySpace. If not, stay solo.


5 thoughts on “Comments on Virtual Dating

  1. on the one hand, you’re right; on the other, it would be nice to get to know the guy before u meet him. i personally met alot of losers on match and pof, what waste of time. i’m torn.

  2. I’m confused…do you mean having a relationship that is solely online or meeting someone online then deciding to meet them in person?

    I met someone online and we were together for two years and he continues to be my best friend. The relationship was no easier than if we had met in person. In fact it was more difficult since no one else would have known him and I couldnt go around asking people “do you know about so and so?”

    I see it like this: I could settle for homeboy on the corner yelling “yo shawty!” Or I could go online and meet people who, quite frankly, are very rarely around me on a day to day basis. Im too busy to be running around physically to every damn corner of the city to meet someone. Why not start online and let it grow from there?

    And meet someone at a bar? That’s a joke, right?

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