Virtual Dating vs. Internet Dating

There is a difference between internet dating and virtual dating. Internet dating is a preface to actual dating and virtual dating is, basically, a video game where you date. Virtual dating takes away the eventual meeting and gives people the ability to create an image that doesn’t reflect them. I found this article on the most reliable source ever, (just kidding), and I think that it has a good definition of the different types of dating on the web.


40 thoughts on “Virtual Dating vs. Internet Dating

  1. I like the concept of virtual dating, but it would even better if one could do it over a webcam instead of an avatar. That way, you kind of could get a feel of the other person even though it would not be a face to face.

    1. Internet dating is more direct and I’m definitely warming up to the idea of it. It cuts out all the crap, but it also takes away from the one-on-one “in person” connection that I adore. That moment when you create that attraction and connection, but for cross-continental love it definitely makes sense.

  2. I am really worried about starting online dating, i still feel the real world is a more important place to initiate real relationships. And it is possible!

    1. I totally agree! I’m really apprehensive about online dating because I’m not sure if you can get the same personal connection online that you get in person. Although I have been more open to the idea of online dating because I think it helps find people that are more compatible to you than sifting through people in the real life. But I’m with you, the real world is the best.

  3. Oh dear, do we really think that? I have been in love with a man – who i know for a fact loves me more – for over a year now but for one reason or another its not happening despite us both fighting hard to keep it together. In fear of sounding like a cynic im not sure love or the ‘right one’ is enough

  4. Internet dating can be more real, but it just depends on how honest the participants are with each other. The video game analogy is somewhat accurate, but some people are ninjas on internet dating and not so much in real life. Just my thinking. 🙂

    1. I started off with a conservative opinion on internet dating but as time has passed, I’ve opened up to it. Relationships are different now and the conventional way doesn’t always cut it!

  5. Nice Blog! Online dating can be good if you find the right site, coming from experience a lot of dating sites just want your money and they fill there site up with fake profiles to drag you in.

  6. I never understood the difference until this year. I always thought online dating was a dirty thing. I never realized it was just a means to meeting new and interesting people. I guess it was actually the virtual dating I think was “dirty” – Not exactly for me…but I do not judge.

    I am currently in an exclusive relationship with someone that I met

    Mina Merle

  7. While you’re on the topic, I’ve recently created a site where users can anonymously write, read and rate date stories. I guarantee that you’ll become addicted to this site I’d also appreciate it if you’d blog about my site! In return I can shoot some photos for you or do photoshop work !

    Thanks, GDH

  8. I personally think virtual dating is kind of cartoonish. I think an online dating site that offers video chat is a better option. Video chat is not a date, but it’s a real representation of what the other person looks like. My site offers video chat for free and members seem to love this feature.

  9. I have to say, I do love online dating. I never use to. However it’s much quicker than meeting people out in clubs etc. I am totally against virtual relationships. I can’t understand why people wouldn’t want to meet up in the real world. We are human beings that require affection, touch and support and I don’t think you can give or receive that from down a computer or web cam. I’d say people who don’t ever meet up in the real world are afraid of having real relationships. Perhaps then, those people need to address those issues before they will ever find a lasting relationship.

    1. Great comment! There is a big difference between online dating and virtual dating. While online dating can initiate relationship virtual dating indicates a completely fabricated relationship maintained through animated figures. Definitely not healthy. It’s similar to individuals obsessed with video games, unable to do anything else that requires social interaction.

      Thanks for the comment!

  10. For me internet dating (or just meeting people online in general) has always been quite normal, as I found that growing up I couldn’t relate to anyone at school because their interests differed so much from mine.

    At the time it was definitely frowned upon, but now my friends know me well enough to not need to ask me where I met people!

    At this point in my life, I’ve just moved to a new city where I don’t know many people, so I used an internet dating site to meet people, and it’s had some very good and some very weird repercussions which has led me to blog about the experience.

    Anyone who is interested in the highs and lows of internet dating might find it interesting:

    I’m also looking for people to contribute stories if you have any to share!

    1. I’m just getting use to the idea of internet dating let alone doing it but I have a friend who is similar to you. She has been dating men on the internet for years and from what I know, she hasn’t had any serious repercussions but it has definitely been an experience.

      It’s very accurate that internet dating is not the taboo it once was but there is a difference between virtual dating and internet dating. Virtual dating allows people to use avatars to interact with others instead of actually emailing and talking to the person. While I think that internet dating is useful and current in our society. I’m still skeptical of virtual dating/

      Thanks for sharing and will definitely check out your blog.

      1. Ah yes I completely agree with you – I don’t quite understand the appeal of virtual dating. I mean, I understand the appeal of being able to fashion your own identity and create the person you want to be, but then what is the point in that? It’s not going to get you anyone better than you would normally get if you were just being yourself – namely because everyone else in the virtual dating world is doing exactly the same thing!

        For all you know you could be cybering with a 70 year old man sitting naked at his computer, and where is the appeal of that? Haha!

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