Friendship on the internet? I think not!

Can someone really find friends on the internet? I’ve always believed that the internet was a place to find la amor or something along those lines, but has the internet become a place to find solid, platonic bonds? I doubt it. I researched this and most of the “internet friendships” turned into relationships and these friendships were usually kept secret from partners or spouses. Now we all know that if we feel forced to keep things secret, then that probably means that it’s something bad. So, this leads me to be suspicious of a committed person saying that they are just networking or meeting friends on the internet. I mean, yeh right! People know that a lot of people (not all) go online to seek validation and to engage in at least mild flirtation if not something more, so making friends, at least to me is bull.


But the thing is that a lot of people do it. So, is it wrong to supposedly seek friends of the opposite sex (or whatever sex you’re attracted to) online, if you have a partner? And, is it acceptable for that friendship to transcend the virtual world to the real one? I believe that making friends on the internet has an ulterior motive because don’t we have enough friends in the real world without desperately seeking ones online, unless you don’t have any friends in reality, then knock yourself out and make millions of friends on the internet. But if you have a life, a partner, strong family and friends, why do you go to the internet to meet people and bring them into your world.


I think that it’s cool to comment and chat on the internet with different people, but I just don’t think that those friendships should cross that virtual line if you are in a committed relationship because you’re seeking companionship elsewhere instead of focusing on those that love you.


If you’re single and chillin’ go right ahead and make all the friends you want, but if you have a partner, spend that time with him/her. And if you’re seeking friends because you’re relationship isn’t fulfilling, then you need to revaluate yourself, your partner and the relationship.


One thought on “Friendship on the internet? I think not!

  1. I believe this is just a case of self control. People should have the self-knowledge of engaging any intimated emotions toward a person (regardless of online or not) when you already have someone by your side.

    Me, I love making friends and yet I hate going out, thus I have both online and reality friends (which I usually keep separated, unless they are really dear to me, such as my God-sisters and best friends.).

    One thing I noticed of these friendships is that, when you talk to a person online for so long and about so many things, when you actually face that person… you wouldn’t know what to say to her/him. Thus, you would likely to ignore them. That doesn’t only applies to the internet, but any other kind of communication that doesn’t includes a face to face contact.

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