Praise the Man!

The internet has provided a forum for men to recreate themselves into superheroes and gain the admiration of other girls. While, you’re not constantly applauding your man’s masculine bravado, another girl on the internet, who has no idea about his flaws, is his #1 fan. And the thing is that your man is going to fall for it. No one can resist flattery and your man won’t see anything wrong with it because it’s not physical. Things have to be very tangible for a man to understand that it’s not okay.


So instead of dealing with the possibility of another woman, don’t hesitate to show your man some love. Everyone needs to be loved and men are no exception. Men love to be admired. We may think that they are insensitive and cold-hearted but they are actually very needy.


I’ll never forget an instance when a young man ran across a #1 fan on the internet who constantly praised him and sent him booty shaking videos, even though he has a girlfriend (what’s wrong with women?) and as soon as the girlfriend neglected him for one second he was on the phone with the girl and they suddenly were the best of friends.


And that’s how it happened, now, fortunately, nothing further happened with the young man and his female fanatic, but that’s how quickly a man can be snatched up and with the internet providing a faster means to meet people, it can happen even quicker.


Now, I’m not saying lose your self-respect and integrity, but being nice and cutting back on the nagging can do wonders to a relationship!




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