Internet Drama

The internet is still a very mysterious place. We don’t know who’s on there and what they are capable of doing to our lives. Because of the internet social networking many people that we don’t want can haphazardly come in our lives and mess everything up. That’s what internet drama is about, it’s the most unwanted and unexpected drama. You expect people in your life to give headaches but people that you’ve never met? Give me a break.


People on the internet can bring so much grief to your life by inventing rumors, posting negative things about you and seducing your boyfriend/girlfriend. Internet drama is the worst kind because it’s so unexpected and how do you go about handling when someone can easily hide behind a computer screen or do you dismiss it as childish and not worth your time, but what about when internet drama has a serious impact on your life? What if negative images or comments are posted and destroy your reputation? What if your relationship is destroyed because someone unexpected emails your special someone? How do you handle it?


I always think that confrontation is the best way to handle something, but how can you confront someone in cyberspace? It’s nearly impossible because, not only can they ignore you, but they might be those pathetic people that enjoy drama, and think that you’re making them “famous” by confronting them.


So, what to do?


My reasonable, practical, classy self, says walk away. It’s not worth your time. Do damage control and fix the situation yourself or if it’s a relationship situation then good riddance that you got rid such a loser that would let someone on the internet make him/her lose someone as great as you.


But then again. . .


My devious, jealous self says find the biatch’s info and make her/him pay for it!


Fortunately, my practical trumps the devious side because in the end when I imagine myself wasting time to get payback when I can do some many other things with the time that I waste on that person, I feel stupid. Why waste an ounce of my time on someone so miserable and immature that they have time to start drama in my life?! Not worth it!


 The answer to internet drama? Turn off your modem and go do something for yourself!


One thought on “Internet Drama

  1. so, question…what happens when you know that the sour part is when your “boo” is moving 3,000 miles away, and you know now you shouldnt stay becuase there is NO POINT at all? Why do you stay, when you know there is NO POINT? your thoughts, miss internet drama?

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