Does distance make the heart grow fonder???

Your thoughts, miss internet drama?


So, question…what happens when you know that the sour part is when your “boo” is moving 3,000 miles away, and you know now you shouldn’t stay because there is NO POINT at all? Why do you stay, when you know there is NO POINT?




NO POINT? Am I sensing some aggression? Everything has a point, whether we grow from it, hurt from it, or cry over it. You need to decide what you are and are not getting from your boo and if he’s really worth the 3,000 miles, if you’re saying that there’s no point then clearly there is no future between the two of you, so the best thing for you to do is end it amicably when he leaves and remain friends.


If you decide that he’s the one, then you make it work through visits, emails, romantic phone conversations and the occasional surprises. Remember distance makes the heart grow fonder or rather can make. . .


But whatever you do, do what feels right! Do what you want to do and will make you happy!


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