The Horrible Game of Love

The world is full of horrible people and in turn these horrible people do horrible things. This is incomprehensible to me; I always thought that if you were a good person, people would appreciate your kindness and wouldn’t do bad things to you. Boy, was I wrong.


What do you say about a boyfriend who throws his girlfriend out of his house, just because she showed up to say hi?


What do you say about a boyfriend that has unprotected sex with another woman impregnates her and then gives his girlfriend a STD?


What do you say about a guy who gallantly gives his jacket to a woman that his woman doesn’t like, right in his girlfriend’s face?


And, please tell me, what do you say about a man that goes out every night leaving his poor, trapped wife at home to tend to the kids and home, while he goes gallivanting around with his friends and lady friends?


What do you say? They are selfish, horrible people. Many people try to convince me that there are good men out there, but honestly where are they? Never in my life have I witnessed pure kindness and consideration from a man. Those that I have seen have special circumstances, which are a bit taboo and I won’t detail, but most times they’re all assholes.


What as women have we done to merit this? The answer is: we lose ourselves. We lose ourselves in our relationship and give so much that we forget to ask, or more so demand the same respect, consideration, and appreciation. But the sad thing is that we ask for so little, that we get nothing.


So, what do you have to do to get a little of l-o-v-e? Well, one opinion is: be a bitch. Apparently, when you treat someone like crap, they’ll hang all over you, but when you treat them with kindness and respect they take you for granted. Seems backwards right?


After careful consideration, I must say that this state of mind might make sense. How? I have no idea, but when you give someone your being, it really seems like that means nothing, but when you keep them wanting then they appreciate when you give a little.


But, this means this all a game. I never believed in games when it came to love but rather I believed in honesty and love. I truly believed that love trumped everything, but sadly it doesn’t, so if you persist on being “in love” then be ready to play because most people are horrible and if you chose to be with them you have to play a game so that you don’t end up getting played.


5 thoughts on “The Horrible Game of Love

  1. Life is the game and women make up rules that men don’t play by. Love’s not a game, but women impose rules. Men cheat, play too rough, or get fed up and walk off the field.

    See details at

  2. This is a less upbeat post from you. I agree with you though, if you play hard to get and act like you don’t care, they come running and are all over you. I guess sometimes love just isn’t what guys need, they need a competition, or a fight.

  3. I agree that Earth is filled with horrible people. Horrible, not just interms of romatic relationships but also with the way they deal with other people. What I consider to be horrible people are those who let their prejudice and discrimination cloud their mind which conversely influence the way they treat others.

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