Out of Love

I’m not in love with you anymore. . are painful, harsh words.

How does it happen that someone falls “out of love?”

Is it because him/her finds someone else?

Or is it because he/she is selfish?

Could it be that one’s partner has done something to him/her?

Or is he/she an ungrateful, selfish person?

I never believed in “falling out of love” with someone because honestly where does the love go? Is there a magical place where love goes? I think you always love someone but you eventually find someone that you love more. When people say that they’re not in love anymore, I say it is dissatisfaction. Selfish dissatisfaction, especially when the person that claims to be out of love is the person who gave less in the relationship. It seems that the person that falls out of love is the person who gained the most in the relationship versus the person that gave the most. You would think that person that got used and wrung out would be the first one to utter the words, “I don’t love you anymore,” but no, it’s not like that.

It never seems that it’s like that. In love, everything is messed up and twisted about. It doesn’t make sense. None of it does because first of all we always end up with someone that is opposite from us, someone that is so incompatible that most likely there will be much turmoil as a result, then you forget about these things and accept the person with all their flaws, but then they turn on you and betray and forget about, and only think of themselves, when you have given them everything, then they fall out of love with you. You, who have given them everything within your power, you, who, have loved them regardless of all the pain and betrayal that they have caused you. You, end up hurt. The giver.

So, truly, if you are a sensitive soul, back away a bit because most people don’t appreciate what you give them and find any excuse to throw you out of their life once they have gained what they want from you. Loyalty goes out the window once he/she gets all the sex, clothes, trips, food, and money that they want from you, but once you ask for something or he/she is done ravenously consuming you and your soul, they’re not in love with you anymore.

It’s all too interesting, but what can you really do? Stop loving? Maybe. I, myself, don’t believe in wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s too painful to be vulnerable, but those are my own qualms about love. But I guess love is definitely a learning experience; if you can’t get your love out of your relationship, get a lesson. Just because that one person is out of love with you, doesn’t mean someone else won’t be in love with you. From the most cynical mind ever (i.e. me), there is always hope.


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