The Ancient Rituals of Matchmaking . . . Gone?

Back in the days, people met their significant other through a mutual friend. Nowadays, people meet their significant other as a MySpace friend. No longer are people getting setup on blind dates, no longer are you hearing, “Hey I have a friend that’s perfect for you.” In this fast time of technological advancement, all the hard work of finding someone has been completely left to the individual and I think that the internet has a large role in this menacing situation.


Why? Simply because the internet is the new “it” scene; it’s where strangers reunite and engage in casual conversation and where most people are looking for their lover. The population is feeling more comfortable with looking for love online and why shouldn’t they with all the options at their fingertips, literally? It’s so much easier to filter male, 23+, no kids, great job than to go to any real-life event and meet someone that meets your criteria.


As the web expands, it presents people with more options to limit human contact. But is that a good thing? Easier? Yes. Good? Questionable. As we become more dependent on the internet to find love, we limit the ability to meet people in real-life, and we become less socially adept and we’re stuck behind a computer typing away our feelings.


I can’t exactly pinpoint the exact repercussions of limiting ourselves to online dating, but it seems that if we dedicate our lives to finding love online, we’ll lose something when it comes to dating, love, and socializing. As convenient as the internet is, it takes something away from the magic of it all.


But the real problem is not when the individual wants to seek love on-line, but when it becomes a collective moment, then it becomes a situation because the stragglers that don’t want to find love on the internet are left behind.


So let’s stay inline with the fast times of the tech life, but let’s not forget the sheer joy of coming together at a dinner party, or the joy of introducing one great friend to another and creating a love connection. Let’s not leave all the matchmaking to or eHarmony, because we can create great love connections without the help of 100 page application or a $500 online fee.


4 thoughts on “The Ancient Rituals of Matchmaking . . . Gone?

  1. The internet is useful as one avenue in the search for love no doubt, but I think it becomes bad when it’s our only one. Of course you could say that about anything, be it trying to meet people at bars, clubs, etc. The internet is a useful tool for finding love, but it shouldn’t be our only one.

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  3. Free online dating is free until it is free. There are way to many players out there (big sites) advertising themselves for free. You start feeling out questionares and at then end, kaboom, youa re served with an invoice to see your potential matches. Caugh up the dough or you won’t see a thing and all that writing is down the drains. There are a few smaller players that are doing a wonderful job.

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