Eureka! Why men play games. . .

The interesting thing about men is that they never want to feel played, but want to make sure they’re playing you. As I’ve mentioned before, several sources have told me that you need to treat men badly in order to get their respect and for them to want you. That’s hard for me to swallow, but it’s so true. When you treat a man with respect and love he steps all over you, but when you treat him badly he’s more responsive, but I think I figured out why. . .


Drum roll please. . .


It’s because when you treat them badly, they respond so that you’ll let your guard down and start treating them good and once you start treating them nicely then they act like. . . well like the dogs that men usually are. You see, treating you well is just a tactic to make you think they really care so then they can make you look stupid for believing in the first place that they, actually, care. That’s very manipulative on their part, but there’s a quick fix to this, just treat them badly all the time, then they’ll be on you like white on rice.


Another reason a man might treat a woman nice is if he wants something, say maybe borrow $50 to go out with his friends? He’ll tolerate all of the woman’s meanness because in the end he’ll get something out of it but once he gets what he wants he hangs up the phone on the woman who thinks he cares about her because of all the kindness that he showed her while he wanted something. This is what leaves us baffled and insane. This is how women lose their minds because men love to play games and as a result we’re forced to play as well. I mean, in the end of the day, it is a man’s world, but that doesn’t mean we can’t beat them at their own game, because in the end of the day men are stupid. Strong generalization? I know, but stupid in the sense that they take good things for granted and they can’t be straight up. Instead of manipulating and confusing a woman, just say, I don’t care about you, I just need $50, can I borrow it and I’ll pay you back? I rather someone tell me what they want from me than play with my emotions.


Men waste too much time on things that aren’t worth it, they don’t know how to take a good thing and run with it. They want to play with you, messing with a woman and having her hang around and lament a man makes him feel stronger and treat a woman worse, but when a woman asserts herself and is straight forward, men can’t handle it because they feel that they’re losing control. . .


So, ladies the important thing is to always make sure that the ball is in your court or else you’ll get whacked. . .


3 thoughts on “Eureka! Why men play games. . .

  1. I kinda have to agree with you, the longer I play hard to get with guys, the more desperate they become for my attention.. I think its because they fear losing me so they try to pull me back, then once I’m secure its back to the other bullshit. Once I find a man who has stopped playing games, then I’ll stop being a bitch 🙂

  2. I also agree, it seems the more love you show the more they use and abuse you. You have to be a bitch and they tail you like a puppy. I make this mistake often let my guard down then wonder why they walked all over me. Great post!!

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