Up-to-date on the Ex-date

The web provides us with a plethora of information at our fingertips, and that has been amazing in so many ways, but a downfall in others. It not only gives us educational information or provides us with the closet route to our destination, but it also gives us up-to-date, top of the hour, information on our exes.


The past can never be the past when the internet is a database of our personal lives. As much as you want to put someone behind you, they’ll always be in your life, that is, your virtual life.


I wonder, how can we let go when that very heavy temptation lays right in front of us a click away. It’s easy to say, “Don’t look,” but let’s be real, you’re going to look. Whether, it is once a week, once a month, or once a year, you’re going to get updated on the ex. Now I don’t think that there’s a firm solution, but it’s annoying that have that information at hand. Before,when you broke up with someone, you would hear updates thru hearsay (if people even dared to mention the blasted man in front of you) or you would have a NY moment when he pops out of nowhere and makes your heart sink to the floor; but now he’s there, in your computer, 24-7 constantly updating his profile, and having little messages from girls saying, “I miss you,” “Love ya, xoxox” and “Thanks for your help!”


And you wonder, when did he ever help you, who misses him, does he miss you, he got a new job? A new girlfriend? Wait. Who’s that ? And so the torture begins and continues. But I believe that this is when a bit of self-control needs to be exerted and distractions need to be increased.


He moved on, why can’t you? He is missed, why can’t someone miss you. That’s the important thing when coping with the ex-update and that is to update yourself, don’t dwell. Go on with your life because not only is it the healthiest thing to do, but why dwell on someone that has so obviously moved on from you? I mean, really, how pathetic is it to sit there and watch (or read) someone going on with your life, while you’re still dwelling? It’s pretty sad. . .


I’m not going to say don’t look, but I will make you feel bad about looking. Don’t dwell, move on, update your life and don’t focus on what’s changing in your ex’s, it’ll only drive you mad and make you look mighty sad, as well as bad . . .


**** The rhyming is corny, but it’ll help you remember.


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