What’s Stopping You?

Lately, I haven’t had much to say, but ironically enough, I’m interested as to why I haven’t posted in a while. This blog is something that I enjoy doing. I like expressing my opinions, sharing, and writing, but yet I haven’t written in a long time. Why is that?


Why is it that more often than not we stop doing the things we love? Yes, life demands a lot from us i.e. work, family, financial responsibilities, etc., but can’t we find a moment to stop and do what we love? We can, I know we can. It takes effort, but we can achieve it. I think that we do have a lot going on in life especially right now with elections, financial crisis, and horrific natural disasters, but if not now, when? When are we going to make time to do the things we love? It is one life and we need to find time to do the things that we find self-fulfilling.


I’ve seen too many people sacrifice their passions and, as cliché as this is, their dreams for people that, in the end, don’t appreciate them and outlive them. This is not to say that we don’t need to take care of our responsibilities but take care of you, too.


Stop putting off things because they seem trivial although it would be something that you enjoy. Don’t take life for granted because we have some many resources to make anything we want to do possible. I have desktop, two laptops and get out of work at 4:30, why can’t I make time to write? Yes, I do other activities, but there is enough time in the day for me to pen down my thoughts and inspirations.


So think about it, what is stopping you from doing the things you love?


One thought on “What’s Stopping You?

  1. Blogging used to come easily to me too, but lately I’ve felt like I’m pumping a dry well. Other bloggers I’ve spoken to are feeling the same, lack of inspiration and motivation.. It seems to be a slow month for blogging, even hits and comments are lower than usual.

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