Why can’t we play nice?

As a child the world seems friendly, problems are resolved and there is less internalization, but as an adult there is an awareness that is almost stunning, in the sense, that you experience what people are really capable of doing. When you’re younger you’re shielded from much of the awful occurrences in life, but as an adult you come face to face with everyday misfortune, whether it be in an immediate experience or just seeing what’s occurring in the world.


I know that there are bad things in the world, but I don’t understand why. Why is it more gratifying and easier to say a mean comment than a kind word? Why is it easier to slap someone instead of walk away? Why would a person rather dismiss someone completely rather than treat him/her with respect?


I’m not trying to sound naïve, but it’s hard to understand why people, from your family to your significant other, to a complete stranger, rather roll their eyes at you than smile.


In a relationship, you give your whole being, and then you get thrown to the side when you can’t give anymore than what you’ve been receiving this whole time.


In family, once they use you, they disregard you or they give you way less than what you give them.


In friendship, you can never really expect a favor to be returned.


In the world, we rather bomb each other than create a peace treaty.


I’m not saying that we shouldn’t take care of ourselves, but in taking care of ourselves it’s not so hard to help others along the way. People always say, “You’re born alone and you die alone,” but we live with billons of other people. There has to be a reason why, in our lifetime, we interact and cohabit with others.


I think that we need to stop, and really think about the way we treat people, and think how we would like it if someone treated us that way. If we don’t deserve, or like, to be treated a certain way, what makes the individual believe that it’s okay to treat the next person bad?


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