Another Article on the Election

Election Day will soon be upon us and I wish that I could write an objective article on it, but the reality is that I am very liberal and disillusioned with the route that our country has taken. Come Election Day, I want a President that represents the voice of the people and will revitalize our country economically, politically, and in the eyes of the international realm.

America needs a leader that is hopeful, thoughtful, and has solutions. We don’t need patriotic rhetoric; we need solutions and actions in improving America. I believe that Obama is our man. He represents change and has handled his campaign with tact. Of course, I don’t believe that he’ll be able to achieve all the things that he states, because he is a politician and false promises are the norm, but I know that he is the catalyst to a new beginning.

Obama is practical, driven, focused, realistic and for the people, for the nation, not just for a specific group of people, but for Americans as a whole. I think it’s unfair when he’s labeled as unpatriotic or when he’s called a socialist. This one word verbiage is disturbing and completely underhanded. It puts these images and words in the public’s mind without offering accurate definitions. I know that politics is manipulative, but when strong words that resonate negative and unpatriotic sentiments amongst the public are used, I think that’s just dirty.

Socialism is not something that many people can explain, but most Americans think “it’s bad.” So to throw that word into the minds of American is an underhanded trick and shows the character of the McCain camp.

Yes, there has been attacks thrown around by both parties, but accusing Obama of unpatriotic and socialist policies is hitting below the belt. I think that the candidate with tact, integrity and real solutions is the person America needs.

While, I respect everyone’s opinion, I think that we need to look at the mass that each candidate attracts and then we’ll see what these men represent. McCain attracts the elite, and “the rednecks that hold on to God and guns.” To me, this would define McCain as a racist, elitist. Obama attracts the rich, the middle-class, and the working class which means that he is a man that everyone can relate to. Obama represents the American ideal; a man that comes from a diverse background representing the American melting pot, a man that grew up within poor means and has made it through Harvard to the Senate to the first African-American OFFICIAL presidential candidate for a major political party.

McCain is stagnant, conservative, old and gives us the possibility of having Sarah Palin as President.

Obama represents revitalization and this country needs new beginnings to continue forging on in our time of crisis.

Vote on Nov. 4th


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