You gotta have faith.

I’m a strong believer in harvesting strong relationships. I believe in sacrifice, dedication and constant support for those that you love. Even when relationships and friendships get rocky, I still believe in loyalty and sacrifice, but what do you do when you’re willing to forgive and forgive, but the person continues to hurt you?

It’s easy to say, have them exit stage left out of your life, but it’s not that easy, especially when you have an inch of faith in that person, especially when you can’t find it in your heart to say, I don’t believe in you. But really, how many beatings do we have to take in order to finally get the message? You don’t care about me as much as I care about you. Why don’t we understand when someone doesn’t have the same dedication to us as we have to them? I wonder what are the neurons and protons and electrons that are responsible for this.  . .  denial? Or can we truly, rationally, sincerely justify this relentless faith?

I mean, how much bashing do we have to take before we stop this masochistic behavior? When do we spot believing in people? When, living two blocks away, he/she doesn’t come to your birthday? When he/she doesn’t want to have anything to do with you if you don’t sleep with them? Or, when he/she cheats on you, resulting in a child?

Why do we keep coming back to these people whom we’ve sacrificed so much for, willingly and happily, and only, excuse my French shit on us? Think about how you helped someone get their identification, or how you helped he/she get a job or how you showered he/she and their children with gift, or even how you dropped everything and ran to them in their time of need.  .  .when was the last time they did that for you? And not to say that he/she didn’t do anything for you, maybe they did as much as they could, but what’s the difference when you did everything you could and more?

I say, take your time. It’s not easy to kick someone out of your life and there’s no reason to rip the band aid off the wound (unless they do it for you). Losing faith is a heart wrenching thing to do and without faith it’s hard to go on, in anything. Don’t lose your faith, but don’t make someone your priority when you’re only their option.






2 thoughts on “You gotta have faith.

  1. I just read this post and I been thinkin about it for like ten mins, I’m not sure if I agree or not. I want to agree because then I won’t have to push someone out of my life that probably shouldn’t be there, but then I know its gonna be sooner or later anyway so why prolong the sadness?

    1. Well, I figure only keep someone around as long as the make you more happy than sad. When the sadness becomes disproportionately bigger than happiness then you should to let go.

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