It’s okay to be single. Really, it is. . .

When did it become okay to be single? I think it was sometime circa 1998 when Sex & the City came to us. I, recently, noticed how comfortable women are with being single and hooray to that, but has all the pressures of finding the one finally died down? I don’t think so, but women don’t seem to be as stressed to be single as before. Now you see more single ladies going out to dinner, to the bars, and even on vacation together, and they even look happy. Before the Sex & the City phenomenon, women in the clubs would gather together looking completely overdressed and desperate for a male companion, but now you see the gals relaxing and having fun amongst themselves without so much noticing that guy that’s staring at her across the dance floor.

Women have become more comfortable with the idea of being single because le Sex has shown that one can be fabulous without a man. We’ve seen that life is so much more exciting and full of possibilities when you’re single. But it also allows for more fun with the ladies. Also, would you really feel more prone to go out to all the great parties if you had a bf attached at the hip, probably not.

Now, I’m not saying that boyfriends aren’t nice and sweet to have, but it’s pretty nice to be single and have options. Now maybe I won’t completely credit Sex & the City with this new phenomenon, but I recently read an article the New York Times, saying that people prefer to hook up rather than be in relationships. As a result of this people are going out in groups and not putting as much pressure on dating. So, this is good and bad because, now women are more confident about being single, but bad because obvious commitment isn’t on our mind. Can relationships be all play and no obligation? It could be, but do you really want to be hooking up when you’re 75? It’s great that women have found comfort in themselves and enough confidence to be okay with being single, but it makes me wonder, will relationships become extinct?

I hear women say I want a baby by the age of 30” more than “I want to get married by the age of 30,” and as great as it seems that women aren’t putting pressure on themselves to find a partner, I can’t say that I’m ready to leave relationships behind. I think that after all the girlfriend outings start to slow down; it would be nice to come home to a special someone.


2 thoughts on “It’s okay to be single. Really, it is. . .

  1. I totally agree. Its taken me awhile, but ive finally realised that it is ok to be single, that I dont need a guy to complete me & that I most certainly dont need to have a must be married/have kids by 30 outlook on life.

  2. I second that!

    I’ve been with all the wrong guys just because I didn’t want to be alone. But then one of my 2008 resolutions was to remain single for the year, no dating, no relationships, no guys! It was one of my best years so far, hard but good!

    I enjoy the outings and travelling with my friends and life has never been better 😉

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