Liar, Liar

I’ve been told since childhood that lying is wrong, but I think that lying has its variations of wrongs. The worst of them is lying to someone your dating. Now I don’t want to be a man-basher, but why do men feel that they need to lie about EVERYTHING? Or ALMOST EVERYTHING. Why can’t they just say things upfront? Straight up, “I have a girlfriend,” or “I’m seeing other people,” or “Actually, I don’t really love you. I just love that thing you do. Are women still viewed as weak, emotionally crazed beings? Why do men think women can’t handle the truth?

Women, now, are not the Mrs. Cleavers of the past. They’re Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. Women can handle it. It hurts 10 times as much and is 100 times, more, f-ed up when you find out a month into snuggling on the couch that your guy has a girlfriend and that you’re just a “phase.” If a guy is real with a girl from the beginning she can make her own decisions about the relationship. That’s what is so messed up about lying in a relationship, the fact that choices are taken away. While the guy is running around doing his thing, the girl is sitting around thinking “I got something special.”

It’s a game of domination, by lying the man keeps the upper hand in the relationship and keeps his options open while limiting the girl’s choices. Guys can’t stand losing and so they lie so that they can win all around. But what they fail to notice is that women are extremely analytical and intuitive. Women notice things like when men don’t pick up certain phone calls in front of them or they all of a sudden have “new friends.” But just because women know it doesn’t mean that she’ll leave the situation. Sometimes she wants to hear it from the horse’s mouth. But when men are confronted, they still lie. And the man that started off as dominate comes out looking pathetic and cowardly.

It’s best for the fellas to be honest. Sometimes they need to have more confidence in a girl’s ability to cope. The only reasons that girls go a little crazy at the end it all is because the guy lied to begin with. That lie becomes something bigger and the reaction is bigger, but if a guy is honest from the beginning, he doesn’t have to deal with an atomic bomb at the end and you won’t have one more strike against getting to heaven.

Ladies, if you notice lying confront the guy and if he doesn’t respond give him the axe or the old “two can play this game.” If a guy fesses up to an unpardonable lie, learn from it. It’s easy to get sad when things go wrong, but there’s a lesson in everything.


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