He’s Just Not that into You

February 6th is the release of He’s Just Not that into You, a movie about love in the technology age. It’s just up Internet Drama’s alley.“He’s Just Not that Into You” started off with our favorite show Sex & the City when in Season 6, Berger met up with the gals and told Miranda, “He’s just not that into you.”

I came across an article that gives us real “He’s Just not Into You” signs. Although the phrase seems groundbreaking, I don’t think it’s that simple. Sometimes things do happen and sometimes he might not be that into you, but I don’t think these words should be taken for gospel. Personally.


2 thoughts on “He’s Just Not that into You

  1. I think this is more for the obvious, we’ve all had that friend (or may be that friend) who could not or refused to see the obvious. She would fail to see that his actions were not matching up to his words. The once a week phone calls did not equate to her feelings for him. Or being stood up constantly and hearing a ton of excuses did not open her eyes. Some girls are so wrapped up in the guy where they settle for the limited phone calls, or sometimes NO phone calls, just a few text messages! Other than that, guys do sometimes fake their feelings for you and mask them with flowers and dinners and phone calls, I’m not sure the reason, but they do

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