What is attraction?

If you’re not incredibly, really good-looking, are you screwed?


A half ass ye because. . .

I believe that we live in an extraordinarily superficial society, where most people are going to appreciate beauty before anything else. It seems that if you’re not “beautiful,” it’s a bit harder for you to achieve things that are easier for stereotypically good-looking people to get.

I think that people should be mature and thoughtful enough at this point to not only look at people for their apparent good looks, but also their energy, presentation, and intentions. All of this can be deciphered by one look, but since people only take the time to give ½ a look at people, they don’t see the beauty in others who don’t necessarily look like Rihanna or Cindy Crawford.

NO – because. . .

Initial attraction is based on looks, but I believe it’s also based on clothes, energy, and intentions.

But when a guy, who isn’t even that good-looking, goes straight for the gorgeous girl that he won’t get instead of looking at the pretty girl with a cute smile, you wonder what does it take? What is it that the opposite sex notices, first? What is attraction?

Attraction is one of those things that’s most definitely is relative. I don’t think that you can really put a rule or explanation on what attracts people to each other. I think that all you can do is be yourself and I’ve noticed that with all the questions and doubts we have, the answer is always the same; don’t be completely consumed with what others feel or think about you. Love yourself and others will follow.

Because attraction is based on looks and aura, it’s important to take care of yourself and have a happy, healthy soul. If we learn to live life and create a positive energy, not matter what you like, people will be drawn to you.


One thought on “What is attraction?

  1. Thanks for this great post.
    I think the media trains men to focus on that first half-look as you describe. Yes, men are supposedly “visual”, but I think lots of them use that semi-scientific fact as an excuse–and the media encourages them.

    It’s a holdover from the sexist patriarchy, who created the beauty industry’s wierd standards in order to keep women distracted by wrinkles and hair color instead of important things.

    And by encouraging men to be “visual” and focus on women’s most superficial looks (as opposed to combining them with her “energy, presentation, and intentions”) , this helps keep women down even further by making them desperate to be thin/young looking enough to get male attention–not even necessarily sexually, but just in order to have their opinions listened to (though of course this doesn’t work either).

    oops I didn’t mean to spew all over here. . . = )


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