The Naked Truth


Men are extremely visual, maybe too visual sometimes. Their eyes never fail to roam over to the next booty passing by, they purchase porn, and nudey magazines like it their jobs, and in the end we turn the other cheek because those women are unattainable or they’re strangers, BUT what if those nude pictures are of an EX and they’re dated today’s date?

First thing that comes to your head is, “Is he cheating on me?” Second, come the self-doubt, “if he loves me, why would he do that?” and, “am I not good-looking enough?”

Of course, the answers to these questions are relative, but if someone causes you to ask these questions, then you need to get in control of the situation because a relationship should never make you doubt yourself, and if you don’t want to necessarily let go, then you need to do you, really. Because as I see it, when a guy has naked, recent pictures of an ex, he’s obviously still speaking to his ex, he, obviously, has the desire to see his ex naked, and he’s obviously still hung up on her.

So, what do you do about? It really depends what you want out of it. If you want the truth, then good luck because when men get caught, they will lie through their teeth until they all fall out. You won’t get the truth from a guy unless you have all possible escapes covered. I know of one situation where a friend of mine would constantly find naked pictures of her bf’s ex on his computer.

The first time, it was of two of his exes, and he said, “Oh, what pictures? There are no pictures.” The raging girlfriend thought she had lost her mind. She saw them and deleted the pictures in her rage, so deleted pictures coupled with his denial created a scapegoat for him.

The second time she found weekly emails from one of his ex with provocative pictures totaling well over 50. His excuse, “Oh she didn’t send me that! They’ve been circulating naked pictures of her and they sent them to me. But I don’t even talk to her.” Yet, his girlfriend had sent a reply message to the emails, “saying “Don’t send me these types of pictures,” from the bf’s account. The bf admitted that the girl mysteriously received the email (although she wasn’t the one who sent the pictures) and sent him a message cursing him out.

Now this relationship, clearly, has all types of problems. There’s no trust, no respect, and no love. Yeh, the gf shouldn’t have been going through his stuff, but why does the bf recent pics of his ex? I think that men are so obsessed with the body that they risk everything for a naked woman, and I think women have tolerated so much that men have no appreciation for what they have. But then what about the ex that is fully aware that the guy is involved and knows the girl? What is happening to our self-control people?!

Men need to appreciate what they have and focus on the woman in their life. Women, stop being nosey, but if you feel that you have to look through man’s things, it’s time to walk away, and EXES, you’re the EX, so step off; have respect for yourself and others especially if you have a baby. . . .


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