Women are crazy

Men often say “women are crazy!” And as much I’ve said, “Shut up, that’s not true,” I thought about, and women are crazy. Most of us are emotional cannons and others are just a hot mess. Since a lot of what we do is emotionally charge, our reactions are often irrational and extreme. I think that women get hurt and don’t know what to do with those emotions, so they get kind of stalkerish, or vindictive. Since women are so sensitive and in their emotional whirlwind, they try to find a way to make themselves feel better. Because these things are done during emotional delirium they usually come out as crazy, but they actually have a logically driven explanation.

Like the girl that walks by your house, it’s crazy, but she just wants to feel close to you.

The girl that calls you several times? She just wants an explanation.

Or the girl that calls you horrible names, and is yelling at you like she’s possessed by a demon? What can I say? She’s angry.

So, yeh, women are crazy, but it’s usually because a guy did something to her. If men thought before they acted women would be extremely same, but when someone forgets your birthday, cheats on you, or disrespects you, are you suppose to be all smiles? I think not.



One thought on “Women are crazy

  1. I’ve noticed that men who tell you how crazy their ex is eventually start doing behaviors that make women crazy like not calling when they say they will, not showing up for dates, texting you in the middle of the night for booty calls, etc. So I promptly dump them b/c it was the man who made the girl crazy, and he’s now trying to do it to me.

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