Beyond the looks

Men and women complain about the opposite sex. Men can’t seem to find a nice woman and women can’t seem to find a sensitive and nurturing man. The problem is that we don’t know how to look. Society has become extraordinarily superficial and people seem to be forgetting the importance of values and respect, focusing instead on the physical.

Men are no longer looking for the good woman; they’re looking for the sexiest piece of eye candy that will work their arm. When many (not all) of these women begin to lose interest because the man does not provide excessive materialistic support, men quickly assert, there are no good women. But think about, it takes money to look good, and these ladies aren’t spending money to look good for just anybody.

I know one guy, who is decently good-looking, has good money, and nice cars, but he always complains that women only want him for his money. Why? Because he only goes for the buxom, peroxide blonds that are, CLEARLY, only interested in his money. When introduced to a nice, natural girl, he didn’t even give her the time of day.

I see an appreciation from “old-school” men that I see seriously lacking in men today. A man always wants a beautiful woman by his side, but he sees other qualities in a woman, that makes her prettiness shine.  So, I say, men think with your heart and mind, not with you eyes and your “you know.”


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