Women have ruined men

Yes, you read the title of this article correctly, WOMEN HAVE RUINED MEN. Now I am not taking the responsibility away from men or dignity away from women. But women have become a lot more tolerant of men’s b.s. and let them get away with so many things that were never acceptable in the past.

As a result, a man disrespects one woman, she allows it and in turn he disrespects the next one, and the one after that, and so on.  I just believe that men were held up to different standrads before and all responsibility has been taken away from them and they in turn have completely slacked off.

This shift can also be attributed to the feminist movement, where there is such a sense of independence amongst women, that we reject and strip men of chivalrous behavior. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for independence, and a strong sense of entitlement as a woman, but I think that women definitely have to accept some help from men and not see it as a sign of weakness in themselves. We you make someone feel needed, they’ll respond with kindness, but as long as women do everything for themselves and men, the “good man” will continue to be rarity.


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