Old Men, if You’re not Hugh Hefner, Walk Away!

What is it in men’s DNA that makes them think they can get a 21 year old when they’re 60something years old? Older men, considerably older men always look to young, vibrant women/girls for companionship and my thing is “eww, gross, what makes you think you have a chance?” Why do men go for girls (not even women) that can be their daughters even granddaughter? Are they pedophiles? Do they have no conscience? Maybe they seek validation.

There are many, endless reasons why older men think and want a younger woman, but my thing is why do they think young women want them? Unless you look like Sean Connery, Pierce Bronson, Denzel Washington, or have Hugh Hefner money and fame, keep away old men. The reality is that if you don’t have charm, money, or have aged handsomely, you are not appealing to young women. Very few are the cases of older men who have nothing to offer pairing up with young women, who expect nothing but “love.”

Now, it’s not to say that I don’t believe an older man and a younger woman can’t get together, but there’s something to say when a man is seriously catcalling a 24 year old when he is 55 years old and has nothing of the aforementioned to offer. Older men need to make a list between themselves and Hugh Hefner and realize why they can’t roll like he does.


5 thoughts on “Old Men, if You’re not Hugh Hefner, Walk Away!

  1. well, i am 20 and dating an older men. and it’s all love. he is 20 something years older than me. i understand there aren’t many cases like this. but there are. and maybe because we met online and talked for a month made me realize age is only a number, or maybe because he is so crazy and acts like a 7 year old most the time.

    but it’s all perfect. still.

    1. I’ve never been one for older men, but if there’s love, mutual respect and compatibility then in the end, age is only a number, but for me I’m talking about those creepy old men that have nothing to offer and pursue a young man who is clearly not interested in them. It happens all the time when these old men prey on young girls because they want to take their youth and have nothing to offer them, but if both parties have a mutual respect and offer something to each other then kudos to them.

      1. thank you! yes, i understand what you mean, and trust me, i felt the same sometimes. it can get creepy, honestly 😀
        relationship can always work if there is love. love can do it all, i think, all people need to do is complicate it a little less. and all is good 😀

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