There’s Hope. . .

In the past couple of months I’ve seen many of my friends fall into happy relationships. They are content, loved, pampered, and respected. Their men are accomplished, ambitious, kind, and attentive. They are happy.

But one of my friends, my twin, has a particularly interesting story because we are the same person, (born one day apart) we are cynics. We never believed in the mushiness, we never thought a guy could be great, and we never thought that we could be completely happy. Although we tried to have a positive outlook, the options seemed bleak. Well, all that changed when my dear twin moved down south for a job training. She was on her way to becoming a star in top-notch corporate company while overcoming personal hardships. Finally, she was at a place where she was coming into her own and shaping herself.

During this positive evolution, she met a a great guy and she’s happy. She can’t  believe that she found that “supposedly” unattainable “good” guy.The guys that we said don’t exist.

Looking at my friend and her happiness, makes me believe. From this cynic to all the eternal cynics, know that it’s possible. It’s all about being open, creating movement, and progress in your life. Once you get to a good place personally, love will find you.


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