Women and Men

Why can’t women be bitter? If a man hurts her, why does she have to come out of it with a lesson? Can’t she be angry and harbor bad feelings against men? Society looks down at the woman that becomes frantic and “hates” men, but if you are constantly being hurt by men, why wouldn’t you hate them? I read a study that women are more cautious in the aftermath of a negative experience than men are. Meaning women learn their lessons moreso than men do. I guess that’s why women run around scared while men continually screw women over.

Why were we structured so differently? If the point is for us to mate; to live in a couple, then why is it so difficult? Has society developed in a way that only 50% of men and women can co-habitat? I think so. Men and women have pre-dispositions, but society molds our habits. It fosters an emotional and dependent woman while a man is taught to be detached and strong. This creates a disconnect because it leaves women feeling vulnerable and men unable to provide women with an emotional comfort. Because there is this gap, women become angry. Men are essentially being taught to NOT provide a woman with what she needs. While women are programmed to be comforting, catering, and loving; men are taught to reject those feelings therefore leaving women unfulfilled and unrewarded.

Women have feelings and they like validation as much as the next person. It is proven that people work better in supportive atmosphere that give them encouragement, and motivation; this is the same idea behind a relationship. A relationship should consist of continual efforts and encouragement for boh individuals, but if the man is not trying or holding back, how should the woman feel? Happy? I think not. When you’re not receiving attention and support in your relationship, you begin to wonder, why are you in it? Why would a woman continue to try or even feel good about herself if she is, essentially, being wronged?

I believe that we need to reevaluate the way we are raising males and females. We cannot continue to develop relationships where there is no give and take. Society needs to learn to be more selfless and give others what he or she needs. If we start from a place of MUTUAL sharing and consideration, then relationships will have a higher survival rate and women will be happier and less confused beings.


3 thoughts on “Women and Men

    1. Thank you! I’m really trying to analyze the dynamics between men and women, so that I can really understand how to brooch my relatiomship with them.

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