Women Lie, Men Lie; But Men Lie More

Yes, women lie, men lie, and even children lie, but the reality is that men lie more. I’ve tried to look at things objectively and give men the benefit of the doubt, but they prove me right time and time again. I see women give their all in relationships and all ask for honesty and respect, but it seems that men are incapable of this. I mean, what do you say when you’re a nice, young woman in a two year relationship with a man who seems stable and dedicated only to find out he sees no future with you. He doesn’t believe in marriage and this woman compromised a wedding because she saw a future with hin that he apparently didn’t share. Why didn’t he come clean from the beginning and not waste her time? Because men are liars. And what about the flirtatious husband that has girls all over the internet saying, “I miss you, baby,” and “I can’t wait to see?” He promises his wife that he’ll cut these “groupies” off, but he doesn’t? He’s a liar. And the guy that says he’s only dating you and he only wants you, and yet he’s cruising for other chicks? He’s a major liar.

Men lie all the time and it’s an unfortunate and stressful situation because there seems like there is no solution to the problem. I’ve learned that you cannot change a man, he can only change himself. Men lie because they are selfish, they want their cake and want to eat it too. Men do not want to lose, and so they lie to save face and to get what they want. But we all know this, but what can we do about it? The obvious is leave the guy but if every guy is a liar, what are you left with? I’m thinking ‘we have three options: be alone forever, find a man whose lies you can tolerate, or wait around for the “perfect man.” Good luck with that last one.

These options are difficult because you don’t want to settle, but it seems that when it comes to men, there’s nothing else you can do. You can either tolerate the bullsh*t or be alone. I try to believe that you can actually find the “perfect man,” but I only know 1 woman who is in a “perfect relationship” and everyone else has to compromise. Is lying, one of those compromises? It might be.


9 thoughts on “Women Lie, Men Lie; But Men Lie More

  1. Men lie because they know there are other women who will help the lie and help them get away with it! Whether it is their new girlfriends supporting them or their mothers/sisters etc supporting them….women help men cheat on other women. …….I have been a victim myself

    1. This is true but could everyone be helping men lie? Society never penalizes men for their lies. Doesn’t it seem like no matter how much they screw up they still come out okay? Sorry that you’ve been a victim of this, but I’m sure we’ve all been of victim of these insane liars. I guess we live and learn.

  2. From my experience, the ‘society’ IS helping men lie and cheat. This guy faked a relation with me for almost three years to use me for his physical pleasure while he had another woman all the time whom he was ultimately going to get married. When I came to know about it, instead of keeping it a secret, which most Indian girls would (I am from India), because “no man will touch a woman who has been used and thrown away buy another guy”, I made this thing known to most of his friends and family and even to his wife’s friends and family. Those people enjoyed the fun and made utterly insulting comments as tough I am a whore and then went ahead and congratulated him for his ‘achievement’. The rest kept quiet and watched the fun. Not a single person supported me …not even the women!

  3. @fmpefmpe – oh, my god! that is horrible that people would do that to you. how are you now?

    well, i only have a remark on this, i don’t wanna marry either, and i am in a very happy relationship. i don’t believe in a contract of love. don’t think that church and or state should verify my relationship.

    so, i was relieved to find out my boy doesn’t believe in marriage either. i have a blog about it, you can check it out, if you want. 😀

    1. That’s great. I do want to get marry but I believe that everyone has their individual concept of what works for them in a relationship and if you can find someone that believes in the same things that you do, then that’s fabulous!

      1. yeah! 😀 it’s all a matter of culture and habits. but i have married friends, and friends with children, and they are not even… 20 yet. i don’t think that is what i want, but if they are happy… well, good for them!

  4. @Marina: people do that because thats how the society is. I’m not sure whether you have heard about how the Oracle executive’s girlfriend exposed his affair by posting his pictures on TimesSquare. If you have followed the discussions on CNN etc…people are criticizing the girlfriend for being a homewrecker, when the guy who was married actually cheated on his wife and wrecked his home by dating another woman…but people always have all sympathys for married people. My ex knew the society very well. He knew that the moment he gets married, the society would brand me as the whore and he and his wife would be the ‘decent couple’ I had misconceptions about the society…I thought people had come a long way from the ancient outlook…but the truth is…even though people are listening to rock music and appreciating modern art…the mindset is still very very narrow as it was many many centuries back.
    But when it happened with me I thought this was the case among Indians (I am from India). Then when this Oracle guy’s news became popular, I realized even in the more ‘western world’…people are still so narrow minded!

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