Apparently, the new stylo in the dating game is to have a “thing” that has all the characteristics of a relationship but its not really a relationship. Confusing, right? Men and women are forming intimate bonds without the ties. There are no titles but there are strong emotions and supportive actions. Men are putting a lot of energy and time into women that they care about and like, but are not ready to commit to them. This is interesting because if there is no commitment then what’s the point? What is the point of forming a bond and getting attached if the man is not ready to form a concrete relationship? Why not keep it casual, light, and fun? Instead of professing a future together and exchanging social security numbers?

This is another case of men wanting to have everything their way without sacrifice. They form a “thing” that looks, feels, and smells like a relationship but doesn’t have the same obligations and pressures that the titles “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” imply. This allows the man to, basically, have a harem. There is one main girl, but she’s not technically his girlfriend, so he has no loyalty. Even, if you establish that you are not dating other people, “technically” you’re not together, so that gives him the free pass to do whatever he pleases.

This all seems very one-sided, so why does the woman stay? Promises. The promise of a future developing, the joy of someone you care and “cares” about you. The woman thinks that the man is being faithful, as per their agreement, and he just needs time to come around. Men don’t usually “come around”, but in these instances the man is usually reassuring his “thing” that he wants a future with her, but wants everything to occur at the right time.

This language usually means that he is NOT interested in a future with you because men are creatures of action and desire, if they want something they will stake their claim and if they don’t, they leave it up to chance because they really don’t care. So ladies, I advise you: if a man doesn’t want you now, that means he never will and is just keeping you around for his own personal needs.


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