The Compromise between a Succesful Career and a Chance to Marry

An interesting article in the NY Times today about successful women and marriage. It seems that as time goes by and women become more successful and well-rounded, their marriage success goes down. Men, apparently, haven’t kept up with women, but why should love be compromised in the name of a career? Is it that men haven’t developed an appreciation for the well-rounded woman? Are they threatened by them? I believe that these women have a lot to offer in addition to the typical “housewife” that men want. I would think that men and women could develop in a parallel fashion instead of perpendically. How can we makeup for this disparity? Why are we telling our women to be go-getters and yet telling are men to have the same expectations of women from the 1800’s?

This has been a recent hot topic and I wonder if this perpetuates the problem or brings awareness for society to make a change in how we educate our population in male-female relationships.


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