You can do better?

“You can do better.” What does this even mean? These are the words that I’ve heard in so many different situations, so many times to so many different women in so many different situations. I begin to wonder is any man good enough? We all have expectations and an ideal man, but if we pick someone that doesn’t meet our standards completely, does that mean we’re settling? Not necessarily. I call it compromising and compromising in a relationship isn’t bad as long as you remain happy. Not every man will meet our ideals, but can’t we look at a man and see him for more than his job, education, or money? I don’t think it’s fair to say “he’s not good enough for you” because no one can really understand your standards and needs. Sometimes people can’t even admit their own. Sure, you need someone that can provide for you, but aren’t happiness, passion and love more important than a check? I believe so.

I don’t take  comfort in the words, “you deserve better” because what is better? This is definitely a case by case basis but if you deserve better, where is it? And whose to say what you have or had isn’t the best? Better or the best, is an enigma because anything can always be better. What’s important is that you find the best for you and NOT what others think is best.

It jeopardizes our relationships when we listen to these words because it makes us risk what we have in search of something more that may not exist. When we listen to other people’s advice, it jumbles our heads and stops us from getting what we want versus what others think we should have. No one can tell you what you need except you. Listen to YOUR heart, mind, and, most importantly, your instinct when it comes to YOUR relationship.


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