Is it really this simple?

Found this image here and thought it interesting. Whether, I completely agree? I don’t think so. Men are more straightforward in their decision making than women, but their thought process can be so one-tracked that it’s complicated.


2 thoughts on “Is it really this simple?

  1. well, i don’t believe it’s completely true.
    i believe it’s a stereotype, that does exist, of course, it wouldn’t become one if it didn’t exist, but i think that men are more that one dimensional. it would suck if they are only that one button.
    women can be more complicated, some are taking it to the extremes, but i don’t think i do.

    it’s all individual, i suppose, but also true, to an extent.

    did that make any sense?

    1. That definitely makes sense. I think we’re all complicated individuals with many aspects to our personalities and lives, but I often find that men usually only need one button and women need several, meaning that men are pretty set in their ways while women are more complex and accommodating. I wrote a post on how when men make a decision its pretty final, but women consider all the variables before making theirs. It’s an all-around complicated issue.

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