7 Mistakes Women Make in Dating

Saw this article on Glamour’s Relationship section. I’m usually opposed to the advice that women magazines give, but this was an interesting read and comes from an experienced and realistic writer versus the nonsense they usually publicize in magazines.

The list details these mistakes:

1. We feel entitled.

2. We think we have unlimited options.

3. We’re judgmental.

4. We’re pickier than men.

5. We go for the alpha males.

6. We think, “I love me more.”

7. We think he needs to share every interest.

Reading through this list, I agree with all of them, but I think this is directed to a very particular woman. This is the woman that sees love as an entitlement instead of as an intangible connection between two people. But what happens when you don’t make any of these mistakes or just one, okay or maybe two, and you still don’t find love? I think for now, I can say I’m living and learning. As a woman in her twenties, I’m not at a stage where I have to look at these mistakes and evaluate my approach to men. I know I’m judgmental, but I also know that I have the capacity to love with an open heart and mind. I have never judged a man by what he has but by his character, heart, and most importantly our connection. I don’t believe I’m entitled to love, but I give love and kindness in the hopes that it will be reciprocated.

If you are older and making these mistakes then it’s important to stop and look at yourself, what am I doing wrong? Am I picking the wrong men for the wrong reasons? And as a young woman, avoid making these mistakes and learn from each relationship. I’m always cautious about thinking that every experience is a lesson and not just life happening, but sometimes experiences really are lessons and sometimes it’s best to look at it as lesson rather than a tragedy.  So, I say learn from your mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat them, and despite the hurt and constant heartbreak never stop living with an open heart and avoid those 7 mistakes because they will most definitely stop you from meeting that special someone.


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