“He’s Dating Her?” or “Men Have No Standards”

When talking to my cousin about the lies and deceit of my former relationship, I mentioned that the women my former flame denies dating are less than extraordinary, well at least compared to me, to which she responded, “Men don’t have standards.”

Now I’m not saying that I’m the be all and end all, but in the words of many I’m pretty “nifty”. So when my lover didn’t want to take it to the next level, it made me wonder what is wrong with me? And when I saw the girls after me. I thought, are you kidding me? What the HELL is wrong with him?!

I know that many of us have asked ourselves these questions and to be honest, nothing is wrong with you. When he says, “it’s not you, it’s me,” believe me. It really is him. When men give up Ms. Wonderful for Ms. Mediocre, it’s a reflection of where he’s at in his life. In this moment he doesn’t need the perfect woman because he just wants to be free and tap this that and everything in between. Ms. Wonderful has no place in his life when his mind is still in the game, this goes back to the taxi cab theory ; no matter how amazing you are if a man’s not ready, he’s just not ready. This is where my cousin’s eloquent statement comes in, “Men have no standards”; meaning that when they are focused on getting that a** then standards don’t apply. Booty doesn’t need a stable job or a sweet disposition to feel good, it is what it is, booty.

Therefore, to all the Ms. Wonderfuls, don’t doubt yourself. Unfortunately, timing plays a big role in love and just because a man cannot appreciate you for who are and what you have to offer doesn’t make you any less. Sometimes men are confusing, sometimes it’s not the right time, and sometimes they’re just a**holes. Whatever the siuation is, just know that if you are amazing, and were amazing before him and with him, you’re still amazing after him.


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