Relationship Games: Part 1

I’ve written about games before and I find myself pondering them again. After a long conversation with a friend, she insisted that games are the only way to handle a man because in her eyes, men love bad treatment and if you treat ’em well, they’ll walk all over and if you treat ’em like crap, you can walk all over them. I believe this although, I couldn’t bring myself to act on it, but after our conversation, I decided to play. So I ignored his message and responded when I wanted, only to be ignored in return. “Don’t waiver,” she warned. “I won’t,” I promised, but I faltered. I called and he called back.

Now the question is: why did I fail at the game? I think it’s because I’m honest and appreciate honesty in return, and frankly I don’t have the energy nor desire to play games. I wish I could, but I can’t. It’s not  me. By playing games, I felt that I was cheating myself and pretending to be someone I wasn’t. I’m naïve and believe in people, that’s just me, and someone like me can only hope to find someone who won’t play games with me versus doubting myself and jumping on the game bandwagon.

Now I’m not saying that playing games is a bad thing and I definitely see the advantages of it. Some of my friends describe games as manipulative and dishonest while others think it’s the only way to do things. Personally, I’ll just stay in the game until I’m tired of losing or not even bother to begin playing it. Meaning I’ll try to see beyond someone’s b.s. but if not I’ll just leave him alone. I want honesty, compassion, and consideration in my relationships, not a brainteaser.

But for those who can play the game? More power to you, I completely understand the flip side of it and why women do it. There’s a sense of empowerment, control, and the security that you won’t let yourself get hurt, so I let you decide on this one, to play? Or not to play?


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