Relationship Games: Part Deux

I decided that  although I can’t decide if you should play or not. Why not delve further into the idea of games?

When you decide to play games there is a sense of empowerment, you are in as much control of the relationship as your partner is and you can call out all his moves because you’re making them too, but I think that in order to play games there has to be an emotional distance because can you really play games with someone you love or care for? When you love someone you don’t want to hurt them and games hurt. See, when women play games, I believe that she has to be extremely unemotional or just fed up with the situation because we are usually so enamored with our “other” that we want to give him everything without thinking twice and once we have to rationalize our feelings it takes away from being in love.

Women consciously play games but when men play games, they just don’t care or don’t have any clue that they are being douches. Men are different from women, they can be aloof and distant and not understand why women get upset. They don’t think being inattentive or being hot n’ cold is a game, it’s just the way they are, but this doesn’t make it right, it just means that games come more naturally to men.

Now, although, I said I don’t believe in games, in retrospect, I believe I am a hypocrite. Although I’m not the master of games, I have gotten involved in the “ima show him I don’t care, and make you feel cheap” game and am currently involved in the “I’m going to make you want me more than I want you and regain my power over you plus make you feel cheap” game. I can say that I play these games in a vindictive manner. I wouldn’t call myself vengeful but I do get a tad bit upset when I give my partner everything and he disrespects me and leaves me feeling worthless. I guess this is  the “crazy/evil” side of the woman. But, personally, I have to be driven to an extreme to entertain games, but I can say they are empowering, although the aftershock leaves me feeling slightly guilty and disappointed in myself, but the momentary victory makes me feel like I’ve taken my power back and in the end I think that’s what games mean to women. So often we find ourselves being the loser that we play games for vindication.

But it makes you wonder, what’s more important? Honesty and morals or power and lies? I believe this is a case by case situation. I don’ think that a relationship should be initiated nor developed with games, but when a man hurts you and leaves you feeling powerless why not manipulate the situation to your advantage? Now I know how horrible it sounds, but sometimes it’s okay to be slightly vengeful. I’m not saying go out there and slash his tires, but if you can control yourself , not go to an extreme and remain aloof then play a little and regain your control.

Although, I am, somewhat, validating games, I know that in the end of the day the best thing that you can do is walk away, maintain your dignity, and live your life. But I am a woman and I have been scorned and I think it would be unfair to you for me to pretend that I’ve always taken the high road.  So, I say for those of us that lack a bit of self-control, PLAY and for you ladies that manage to keep it together, more power to you.


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