5 Ways to be an Amazing Girlfriend

Although I am a total alpha female, I believe in keeping your man happy. Giving him everything he seeks in and out of a relationship. They say a happy wife, happy life but I believe happy man, happy life. Below is a list of how to be the optimal girlfriend to those deserving men of course.

1.Keep the Sex Exciting:

Men, as we know, are all about sex and the prowl, so if you keep the sex exciting why should he stray when he has all the excitement within one girl? Don’t be afraid to be creative with it. Role play, be spontaneous, wild, and passionate. Keep it crazy and exciting.


Men like to feel like, well, men. They like to feel like they’re in control even if they are not. Women are wiley and we can find a way to get our way without arguing or nagging. Make your man feel manly and like he’s a King and he in turn will treat you like a Queen. Men need ego boost. Make him feel like he’s the best and only. Cook a meal. Listen to him and be supportive. When you make him feel like he’s the best and only one, and he will treat you the same.

3.Don’t nag:

Men don’t listen. Like most human beings they learn by experience and when they want. Tell him something once because when you repeat things over and over again, he’ll only get irritated and be less cooperative. Men will leave the kitchen if they can’t stand the heat. That’s why it’s important to be with someone whose bad habits and imperfections you can deal with. If you know how they are and accept it then you don’t have to nag him from the start. But if they do have a problem, say it once and figure out a creative way to say it again. We’re persuasive creatures, you can do it.

4.Stay put together

There is something called love weight and it’s bad. When we get into relationships we get really comfortable and don’t hit the gym as often and indulge in bad foods. Keep yourself fit for yourself first but it doesn’t hurt to maintain yourself so you can be that sexy piece of eye-candy on your boo’s arm.

5. Give each other space:

Don’t forget that you are an individual and have a life. Give each other space and live your life. You had one before you met him and you should have one during and after. Don’t lose yourself in the relationship because if you break up you’ll feel it more and secondly, you don’t want him to fed up of you. This doesn’t mean to spend a lot of time together, it means just spend some time apart.

Being an amazing girlfriend is not that hard but many us don’t put effort into our relationships. Yes, we love but there’s more to it. If you want to keep your relationship fresh, exciting, invigorating then you need to work at it.

What else do amazing girlfriends do?


One thought on “5 Ways to be an Amazing Girlfriend

  1. To expand on “3.Don’t nag:” from a man’s perspective:

    Men (on average) are more interested in communicating information than women, and the female tendency to (again, on average) focus on quantity of speech over quantity of information can be quite annoying. Notably, the common female complaint “You never listen to me!” is rooted in exactly this: The man hears too much talk and too little information, his mind wanders, he occupies himself with other things, focuses on his morning paper, whatnot—and listening with only half an ear becomes a habit.

    For a woman to try to make herself heard by talking even more will (obviously) usually be counter-productive from this point of view, only giving the man more reason to listen even less.

    The better road is to talk less, but to make sure that as much as possible is said with the words used.

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