Men and Honesty: Confusing their “Direct Actions” for “The Truth”

They say that men are more direct and that they tell it like it is. When they feel something they really let us have it. I beg to differ. Men are just as confusing as women, what they can do is cut you off with the quickness of a karate chop, but when they do it, are they clear about why? Not so much. Do you remember SATC Season 6 when Burger tells Carrie that he needs a break only to come back and say that he wants to give it a shot? To only then leave her in the middle of the night and she wake up to a post-it note saying: “I’m sorry. I can’t. Don’t hate me.” That is not being direct. Or when in my personal experience a man tells me, “I’m not going anywhere” to only tell me a week later, “I need time to myself.” aka “I want to date other people.”

Being direct is not about cruelly cutting someone off, it is about approaching someone with maturity, tact, consideration and expressing your TRUE emotions to come up with a mutually convenient resolution. I don’t believe for one moment that “men are more direct than women.” More resolute? Maybe. Direct? No. Being direct to me is being honest, completely honest. Example, “I don’t like you because you smell.” Not she smells and he says, “It’s not me, it’s you.” Those severe actions that characterized men as honest is inaccurate but these actions couple with the truth make for a direct man.

So men, if you have something to say, say it
. Don’t pull out the saber without a few words of truth. Do like in the action films, right before wielding the sword of death the hero, always says, “I am going to kill you for killing my family, hiyah.” So it’s quite okay if you say, “I’m going to give you the axe because I want to tap that other chick’s a**. Peace.” Hurt is hurt. The truth is the truth. Being direct is what you’re apparently known for, so why not take it all the way?


3 thoughts on “Men and Honesty: Confusing their “Direct Actions” for “The Truth”

  1. Grrr this drives me crazy about men.
    They always choose evasiveness over directness because they think that makes them a nice guy.
    I’m continually trying to educated them on the concept of “being cruel to be kind” – telling the harsh truth is a lot less mean than lying or saying nothing at all.

    1. Basically! Not only that it’s an insult to our intelligence. It’s frustrating getting lied to when you know the truth. It’s like admit it already. I feel like lying is so selfish and a man is just concerned about his tail and not at all the next person. Telling the truth makes things clear between two people and allows them to move on but when you’re lied to you can never figure out what went wrong that stops you from getting closure.

      Men need to man up and tell like it is especially for those of us who ask for the truth and assure them that there will be no consequences.

  2. I agree 200%! LOL That is the part that gets me the most…They are lying to our face when we know the truth. It’s like so not only are you lying but you think I’m stupid too?

    The truth no manner how hard it might be to hear it is always best because it keeps communication open. I would be much willingly to 4give sum1 that told me he cheated than to find out on my own that he was cheating and tried 2 cover it up.

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