Why Men Don’t Choose “The Good Woman”? Part 2

The second installment of  Why Men Don’t Choose “The Good Woman.”

Before I tell you what his answer was and the conclusion of this situation, first let me explain to you why men generally don’t choose the good woman and are drawn towards the women whom are simply not good for them.

For years women have been making this same mistake and I have written about it before. Just as women are drawn to men whom are simply not worth a damn, men too gravitate towards women in the same category as a moth to a flame. Men however, are drawn for an altogether different reason.

A good woman to me is one that is defined as a woman whom possess beauty(inner/outer or both), intelligence, confidence, morals and the characteristics that show that not only will she be a great partner but a wonderful mother and partner for life.

A bad woman possess only the beauty part and its generally only the outer beauty which attract men. She may have intelligence but most wouldn’t know it. She takes pride in hiding it in order to convince men that she is vulnerable which makes men think that she is easily taken advantage of. In the end, usually the men are the ones that wind up being the victim and by the time he realises it he’s a father to a child that he is not sure is his by a woman he simply cannot stand.

Men chose bad women over good women everyday. They select women of loose morals, no values, no direction whom wear their sexuality on their sleeves. As a rule men find these women to be exciting, free spirits and are enamored with the fact that these women profess that sex is not that big of a deal. Being blinded by this fact we often overlook the fact that a woman without a conscience and no morals is nothing more than what we are, men!

A good woman is hard to find. Does that statement sound familiar? It should, women say the same thing about men. However, when men state it, what they really mean is that they are not willing to wait on a good woman. They lack the patience to pursue a woman for an extended period of time until she can determine what his real intentions are.

Unfortunately for us all in this day and age we all seek instant gratification. We want to meet you today, sleep with you tonight and then spend the next several months determining if you are really the one. Bad women are ok with this process, good women are simply not.

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5 thoughts on “Why Men Don’t Choose “The Good Woman”? Part 2

  1. where are the good women in the first place? they are very nasty, and have a very rotten attitude problem that i have noticed. i am a straight man, that seems to come across these low life loser women today. why can’t i meet a decent woman now?cannot blame myself, because many women out there now need to read a book on how to talk too men better. this might make them much more educated, instead of being very nasty. wow, would that be a miracle. can you imagine if women were to be much more educated? that remains to be seen.

    1. I agree it can go both ways but there is a reason why men are notorious for breaking hearts and why there are so many books and advice columns dedicated to women and relationships…

  2. Men are attracted to beauty, sometimes the brains comes with it as the person commented previous to this. It is a sad thing when a man has to LEAVE the woman because he finds he grew up and she did not and further cannot stand her or being in the same bedroom with her. It is a devastating thing especially for a young man starting out in his first marriage. Some women (I am one) cast their spells of “push-pull” and the man is hooked until he’s sick of it, plain n’ simple!! Get out when you notice it, unless the woman is willing to clean up her act and get professional help. It

    is a waste of time for any man to stay in a relationship just because, just because of the children. Arguments only will ensue and the children become more confused by what they don’t understand. Better left alone young than to grow up abused by a situation out-of-control. Children need to grow up in a peaceful environment with routine. Good luck . . .

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