The Three Men to Date

GinaMarie over at MyFingersArentBroken , inspired me to write this post. She so very eloquently described to us the 3 guys NOT to date and can you believe my last guy was all 3! She should have written this post 8 months ago would have saved me a lot of trouble.

But despite it all, I want to tell you the three guys you should date. I know you’re thinking “Wait, what? There are dateable types?” Well yes they exist but not necessarily easy to find. They are:

1. The Sincere Guy

The Sincere Guy is a rare breed. No, that’s not Sweet Guy. This is a man that is honest and sensitive. A man that you can count on. He says what he means and his actions prove it. This guy is truthful without being hurtful and you know that he is genuine in everything he says and does. If a guy is honest with you then think twice before letting him go.

2. The Romantic Guy

This is the guy that buys you flowers for no reason. The guy that takes you to a French restaurant and always sets the mood. This is not to be confused with a player. A player plays games a Romantic Guy sets the mood and gives attention to detail. He’s conscious of what his lady likes and makes an effort to please her. If a man aims to please you then he’s a keeper.

3. The “I want to take care of you” Guy

No. Not in a Sugar Daddy way but a man that wants to protect you and comfort you and shopping doesn’t hurt. This is the guy that you call crying and is at your doorstep the next moment or at least sits on the phone with you for an hour or two just to comfort you. And get this, he’ll call you the next day to see how you’re doing! If a guy is there for you and wants to make sure that you are alright don’t label him as needy but as a man that his concerned for your physical and mental well-being. I know this man but unfortunately, he’s my gay best friend, but hey at least we know they are somewhere out there. The important thing is that this man cares about you and appreciates you and that’s rare to find these days.

So, if anyone stumbles upon one of these 3 men or even 1 of them, please let me know!! I’d like to know that these specimens aren’t so rare these days.


6 thoughts on “The Three Men to Date

  1. I have a bit of a combo of all three. The boyfriend is sensitive and is definitely honest, almost too honest sometimes, we also used to get each other something every month for our anniversary and he’d remember it… and he’s done cute little things with setting up the place candlelit for dinner and making it. And finally he does and has been there to listen to me and comfort me when I’ve been feeling not too well.

    This is not to say he’s the perfect man, because he also thinks he’s always right and we bump heads because he’s stubborn and so am I. But, at least he’s not a game player, and I’m not one either, so that works nicely.

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